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The Sensuality Project podcast aims to explore the many facets of WOMBmanhood. I have been chatting with my sister-friends and delving into the delicious messiness of life, love, and the pursuit of self-intimacy. 
My intention is to invite the audience to eavesdrop on conversations with grown women talking about grown sh*t. You feel me?
Remember the stuff you used to whisper about with your girlfriends? On The Sensuality Project Podcast, we talk about ALL THE THINGS! This podcast is like nothing you’ve ever heard!

Jan 16, 2019

Technology has certainly made life easier, but it's also created a shit storm of disconnectedness.

Cellphones are the new plus +1. People would rather watch snaps than connect with family during holiday dinners. Welcome to the new age!

My guest this week, Raven Robinson, is one of my oldest internet friends. Our...

Jan 2, 2019

2018 is in the rearview and it wrung everyone the fuck out... including me. But we made it. So now what? 

For starters, allow me to re-introduce myself... Because 2019 isn't about change, it's about consistency. That means we need to invite more on-purpose juicy deliciousness to our lives. And for me, that looks like...