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The Sensuality Project podcast aims to explore the many facets of WOMBmanhood. I have been chatting with my sister-friends and delving into the delicious messiness of life, love, and the pursuit of self-intimacy. 
My intention is to invite the audience to eavesdrop on conversations with grown women talking about grown sh*t. You feel me?
Remember the stuff you used to whisper about with your girlfriends? On The Sensuality Project Podcast, we talk about ALL THE THINGS! This podcast is like nothing you’ve ever heard!

Sep 27, 2017

Most of us aspire to be in the kind of relationships that make us feel nourished. Whether romantic, familial, or friends, we want to feel seen, heard, loved, and supported. But all too often our relationships fall short. Perhaps because we attract people who do not have the capacity to offer what we need. But if we're honest, sometimes we are the one's who do not have the capacity to hold that which we desire most. 

My sister-friend Caitlin Grace models what it looks like to not only be in partnership with someone who adores her, but she is also the kind of woman who can hold space for BIG love.

In this episode we explore:

Longterm love, marriage, and doing the work.

Grieving your period and hot flashes.

Calling in your soul mate and who you need to be to attract your right-fit love.