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The Sensuality Project podcast aims to explore the many facets of WOMBmanhood. I have been chatting with my sister-friends and delving into the delicious messiness of life, love, and the pursuit of self-intimacy. 
My intention is to invite the audience to eavesdrop on conversations with grown women talking about grown sh*t. You feel me?
Remember the stuff you used to whisper about with your girlfriends? On The Sensuality Project Podcast, we talk about ALL THE THINGS! This podcast is like nothing you’ve ever heard!

Jan 17, 2018

Women's empowerment is at the forefront of every conversation these days. Voices are speaking up, what has gone on in the dark is being dragged into the light, and #TimesUp has become a battle-cry.

Gone are the days of turning the other cheek on inappropriate behavior. The titans of inappropriateness are being castrated on the public stage. Male dominated industries are getting a slow, but long overdue, overhaul. And the unemployment rate for high-earning-power-hungry-dick-wielding men is going up... Times are-a-changing

My guest this week is Stephanie Williams and this might be my most candid conversation yet. We touched on some smoking hot topics without breaking a single bead of sweat!

In this episode we explore:

⇒ The cluelessness of sexual assault + beauty getting a pass

⇒ The Family Guy crystal ball + dating outside of your race.

⇒ Strippers, sex workers, and Cardi B. 

⇒ Swallowing, bellyaches, and ginger chews. 

About Stephanie Williams:

Single sista, 36, no kids.  Born and raised in Baltimore.  One younger brother, parents still together (i know...shocker right?!).  Love Jesus, a good time and great cocktail ;)

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